• Ledgɛr Wallet - How to Sɛnd/ Recɛive Funds?


    How to Receive Funds


    Let me show you how to send funds using Ledger.


    1. Before you get started, you will first need to download the Ledger Manager. You can do so here.


    2. Click on Available in Chrome, followed by download. Then follow the installation instructions.


    3. Once you have installed the Ledger Manager, you then need to download the wallet app.


    4. Whichever option you went for, download the app on to your device and install it.


    5. Once you launch the Bitcoin (or your cryptocurrency of choice) app that you just installed, you will be asked to insert your Ledger wallet into your machine and enter your PIN number.


    6. You will then be asked whether you want a Legacy wallet or a Segwit wallet. The most user-friendly option is Segwit.

    Ledger wallet review : wallet type.


    7. Next, click Receive, which you will find at the top of the application.

    Ledger wallet review: wallet instalation.


    8. Now click Display Address on Device.

    Ledger Wallet review


    9. Your unique Bitcoin Ledger wallet address will now be displayed. You can simply copy it, head over to the wallet that is currently storing your coins and then transfer them across! Warning: Only send Bitcoin to this address.

    Ledger Wallet Review


    That’s it! Your Ledger wallet should receive the coins within a few minutes! Now, let’s look at how to send coins from your Ledger to another wallet!


    How to Send Funds


    I am now going to show you how to send Bitcoin from your Ledger wallet. This process is the same for all coins, however, just make sure you have installed the correct app for the coin you want to send or receive, which you can find in the section above. I will continue to use Bitcoin for this example.


    1. Go back to your Bitcoin wallet application. If you have disconnected your Ledger wallet, you will need to re-insert it and enter your PIN number again.


    2. This time, click on Send at the top of the screen.

    Ledger Wallet Review


    3. All you need to do now is enter the wallet address you want to send the funds to, as well as the amount. You also have the option of selecting the transaction fee. Bear in mind that the lower the transaction fee, the slower the transaction will take.

    How to end bitcoins on Ledger wallet


    4. Finally, to complete your transaction click on the green Send button!


    That’s it! You now know how to send cryptocurrencies using the Ledger Nano S!




    I hope you have found this Ledger wallet review enjoyable and educational. I have provided you with all the information that I believe is important before you decide to invest in one.


    If you managed to read this guide from start to finish, you should now have a really good understanding of what the Ledger wallet does, as well as all of its advantages and disadvantages.


    Overall, Ledger Nano S is one of the most reliable and secure crypto wallets. It has an extra layer of security, meaning that you will not only need to choose a pin code but also a 24-word recovery phrase. What is more, since it's made of durable materials, you shouldn't be worried about physical damage.


    If you still have some concerns or questions regarding the Ledger wallet, please feel free to let ask!